Are you ready to ReCalibrate?

Looking for a promotion?

Facing uncertainty at work?

Wanting to mobilize your team?

Ready to start your own company?

Switching careers?

Time for a new job? 


Use the Six Principles of ReCalibration to make sure you thrive at your NEXT:



ReCalibration begins with a stimulus. We refer to this as a pivot point.  There are six categories of pivots or change circumstances in the professional environment.  Do you know what they are? 

You might overlook, misread or overact to the situation you are facing.  It’s important to recognize and assess the pivot point correctly, so you can effectively determine the right action without wasting undue energy and restarts.



This requires you to be self-aware, thoroughly understand and sometimes accept your current situation.  At this juncture there will be many options for you to assess. You must be attuned to how you are perceiving your circumstances, cognizant of your blind spots, awareness of organizational politics and the options in front of you.  Are you able to do so effectively?



There are various levels of choice.   Being ready, having resilience, courage, determination and willingness are the foundation of this principle.  Ultimately it comes down to you, your attitude, your intent and if you are truly self-reliant.  Are you choosing a short-term or long-term strategy to get you to your thriving NEXT? 

Have you over relied on this principle alone?  Are you able to use it in conjunction with the other elements?  Doing so will ensure your ability to thrive at your NEXT. 



Aligning personal and professional beliefs are essential to ensure a thriving NEXT. Clearly identifying where your “true-north” points is a critical step when navigating effectively, easily and quickly to your NEXT.  Knowing your personal drivers and key motivators, being able to explore “out of the box” solutions will help catapult you to a thriving outcome. 

What are you currently aligning to? 



Taking deliberate and purposeful action catapults you into a thriving outcome.  Have you assembled your core support group?   Have you carefully decided upon an effective action plan allowing you to overcome the barriers and obstacles in front of you?   What are you doing differently this time that prevented you from taking this path earlier?

Welcome to the launch pad! 



To truly thrive you must release old patterns and define a new way of being in this iteration. You are ReCalibrating to your NEXT, not simply to a new normal.  Have you adopted a thriving mindset?  Have you developed core habits and found a new purpose in your professional life?     

A staggering 70 percent of Americans don’t feel that their work is engaging.  An even higher percentage reflect that they are not maximizing their full potential.  By making a few strategic adjustments in our professional lives we can beat the odds and be assured that we will be thriving in our NEXT. 


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