ReCalibrate Today is the new “recalibrated” version of Executive Impact, the successful 15-year customized coaching and training organization led by Kim Marie Rebeiro. 

Throughout her career, Kim Marie and her associates have been at the forefront of empowering individuals and entire workforces.  The firm and its services have been sought after for their executive coaching and customized trainings.  As part of this ongoing mission, ReCalibrate Today is uniquely positioned to offer similar services directly to organizations that have individuals who are facing:

  • Unemployment and unexpected layoffs due to the changing economy

  • Lack of job fulfillment and purpose

  • Unexpected workload because of workforce reduction

  • Continual organizational change and adjustment to mergers and acquisitions

  • A promotion without proper development and training to go to the next level

  • Reluctance to take accountability and align with the new corporate strategy


The ReCalibrate Principles and Training integrate effectively with any organizational Learning Management System, providing development tracts specific to the corporate strategy.  In addition, the same assessments, and coaching services are now available online.

For corporate customization, senior leadership podcasts and webinars are conducted on-site and available for distribution.  Call us at 702-994-2301 for more information. 

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