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Meet the individuals who are in our book and have made a lasting impression with their ReCalibration Story.  These people have inspired countless others through their authenticity, courage, ability to think outside of the norm and working each of the ReCalibration Principles. 

They have ReCalibrated to their NEXT!


Jordan Andrews

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 102-103

Young Second-Year Teacher Faces Potential Layoff


Jordan understood she may have to make a change and was concerned with how to transition to her position. This was the first professional job she had ever held. It didn’t seem fair. Jordan maintained focus on what she could, her attitude and staying positive for her students. Her decision worked out well in her favor.


Dan Bryant

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 59, 175 – 177, 258 - 259

Recently Retired After 36 Years of Service


Dan shares a classic story of being insubordinate only to have his employer turn around and send him to a 12-week course on how to get along with people. Dan credits this Dale Carnegie course with being pivotal and turning not only his attitude but his professional career around.


Terri Conway

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 171-172, 267

Thriving Executive with the Ability to Work in Any Sector


Terri has worked in For-Profit, Non-Profit and the Higher Education sector. Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of industries within each particular sector, always increasing her position responsibilities. Terri shares that the ability to succeed wherever you are at is the ability to connect with people and focus on making an impact.


Chris Darcy

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 98-100, 166

Chief of Detectives Believes Strongly in Continued Professional Development


Christopher shares “Just like every spring you put plants in a bigger pot to grow, professionals need to do so too. If you stay where you are, don’t learn anything new, how can you expect to get any better and grow in your profession? You need to move to a bigger pot.”   Christopher requires this of himself and the 400 detectives that report up into him – that’s true ReCalibration. 


Alan Diskin

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 123-124, 198 - 199

Charismatic Professional, Looking to Make an Impact More than Just His Organization but within His Community


Alan’s true passion is to make a difference and transform the way non-profits work within their communities. Originally, he was just looking for a job change. After ReCalibrating he recognized his true NEXT.


David Douglas

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 95-96, 244-245

Vice President Global Corporation


David shares that at one period in his career, he was terminated unexpectedly after 18 years of service with his company. He knew he would find another position yet that it would take time. David talks about that very important concept of “what to do in the meantime”. He directed his energies and emotions into starting a successful side business.


Robert Graham

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 137 – 139, 230 - 231

Responds to Recession by Moving His Family and Business to Mexico Which Ultimately Catapulted His Company Further and Enriched the Family Life Beyond Measure  


At first Robert freaked out – he saw the initial downturn of business as a catastrophic turn of events.  He and his wife then evaluated the social norms of raising a family determining those that were relevant and what didn’t apply, based upon the circumstances they were facing.  Robert recognized he was at a pivot point that could actually better his family, their quality of life and offer his daughters a worldly perspective.  All this could happen if certain adjustments were made . . . .


Henry hinzo

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 82, 181-182

After 24 Years in Professional Trucking Suddenly Eliminated


Henry had been in professional trucking for 24 years, surviving downsizing, buyouts and mergers, until one day he was eliminated. “After a couple of days, I realized I couldn’t let this define me. I knew I had choices to make and the first was about my attitude. The second choice was to look at my options.” Facing a hardship that could have been crippling, Henry instead chose to ReCalibrate and become revolutionary in his response. After reflecting upon his extensive experience and knowledge of every aspect of the trucking industry, Henry has started his own trucking company.


Stacey Hinzo

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 160-161, 201-201, 235

Fierce, Creative Brilliance Unleashed Once the Naysayers and Limiting Self-Talk Was Released


Stacey shares that these two factors have been the biggest contributors to being successful and now owning a thriving business.  “With success comes hate.  It’s amazing how many people will try to rain on your parade when you start becoming successful.”  Stacey has super human powers by responding to adversity, negativity and hardship with grace, determination and inspired artistry so that she flourishes at every turn.


Tyrone Holokai

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 41, 96 – 97

Successful Men’s Buyer for Online Clothing Retailer


Tyrone switched industries and careers after successfully reaching the top of his first profession. He began again, starting at the bottom of the ladder, taking a significant pay cut to earnestly pursue his dream career. Now he is at the top of his profession (again), traveling internationally.


Rhiannon Jones

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 211- 213

Manicurist Who Developed a Side Business to Better Serve Her Clients and Now Selling to Salons


Rhiannon originally thought she would need to leave her field and venture into another career. Instead, she had the clarity to create a new product to increase her revenue stream in the present, not waiting for the future. | Follow on Instagram @jarscompany_


Jenna Kirkpatrick

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 113 – 115

Creative Hairstylist, Passionate About Hair and Her Family


Jenna shares about being acutely aware of professional circumstances, not overreacting and not getting thrown off course of her dreams.


Andre Lagomarsino

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 133-134

Veteran Attorney with Thriving Law Practice


Andre attributes understanding and responding to the needs of his Las Vegas workforce (today largely millennials and younger Generation Xers) for making his firm more productive and relevant to the needs of his clients. Andre's firm has adapted to the strengths of a younger workforce by recalibrating to focus on high-profile cases that are not only more lucrative, but which ultimately lead to improving the quality of life for every team member.

Teresa .JPG

Teresa Lowry

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 126-128, 168-170, 203-204

Prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney, Ran for Senate, Retired, Now a Leadership Development Facilitator and Competing in Spartan Events


Teresa’s trademark characteristics of courage, resiliency, care for others and being excellent wove throughout her career and now into retirement. Teresa’s story is of an individual who embodies the ReCalibration principles and continually thrives at every juncture.


Suzanne Lyle

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 191 – 194

Effectively Aligning Her Professional Life to Her Personal Goals


Suzanne had just turned 51. She was mindful that both her parents passed away when they were in their ‘50s due to natural causes and health choices. Although successful in business and at pivotal point to go further in her career, Suzanne made a deliberate choice to better her own health and to increase her life expectancy.


Suresh Maddi

ReCalibrating to Your Next pp. 135 – 136, 173 – 174, 264

Silicon Valley Engineer Won’t Take No for an Answer


Now fully retired Silicon Valley executive and extreme marathon racer, showed determination and persistence early on in his career by challenging a “no hire” decision respectfully and firmly until he was hired at his chosen employer. This action put him on his path for a fulfilling and thriving career which he then brought the same attributers to every aspect of his personal life.


Jennifer Martinez

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 37, 54, 142 – 143, 199 - 200

Dynamic Business Owner Who Took 10 years and six colleges to Obtain Her Bachelor’s Degree While Raising Her Family


Jennifer realized early on that not having a degree was going to limit her potential. She got her undergraduate and then her master’s degree, all the while accepting the fact that it would take a long time. Jennifer also knew the process was going to be unconventional compared to her peer group. Sometimes you must travel the road less travelled and dare to be different to accomplish your goals. Jennifer now owns Consult HR Partners.


Linda Molony

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 28 - 29

Career Strategist and Self-Proclaimed “Eric Clapton of Resume Writing” Encourages Others to "Hit a Home Run" in Their Work Lives


Linda has helped thousands of individuals identify their place in the world of work.  To find that, she uses a baseball analogy to ask,  “Where do you hit the home run?”  Currently Linda is ReCalibrating to her NEXT, stepping away from the corporate world and out of her comfort zone by auditioning for dance roles in theatre productions and doing more stand-up comedy.


Franky Murphy

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 178 - 179, 233 - 235

Left Highschool to Help Support Family Then Self-Learned Technology to Make Over Six-Figures By Age of 20


Frank grew up in a rural area of Kentucky.  When the economy took a dip he needed to drop out of high school to help support his family. Frank learned at an early age to be self-supporting as well as if he was going to do anything in life, he needed to rely on himself and his own abilities.  Frank went on to learn technology, get his degree, master his craft, start a thriving business which has since doubled, be internationally recognized as one of the top experts in his field and now writing a book.


Mauricio Palacios

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 111-113, 155-156

International Businessman Turned Sales Professional


Mauricio was a corporate attorney in Mexico City, MX specializing in merger and acquisitions. When he moved to the United States, he became a business owner by effectively leveraging his economic acumen and forged into the Hispanic cellular market.


Pete Radd

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Page 72

International Pianist Furthers His Talent Through Writing and Producing Jingles


Pete’s gut told him he could make a living following his passion of playing the piano.  He is a sought-after international pianist playing and directing for well-known groups such as the Four Tops and Temptations.  Pete is a master of ReCalibration.  He has further combined his unique ability of writing, playing and producing music with an acute business acumen, providing well-recognized jingles for his clients.


Paul Speirs-Hernandez

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 107 – 108, 220

Dynamic PR Executive Expands His Impact on the World By Writing a Book and Creating a Training Company

Paul Speirs-Hernandez is a very successful PR executive, who is transitioning into his NEXT by rolling out training classes that support his book, “Curing Cantcer.” He is doing so by gradually transferring energy from his marketing firm as he builds his training company. A foundational principle for business and throughout Paul’s life has been his “ability to be in tune with my inner-self, to really pay attention. People seem to listen to others more than themselves.”


Kevin Sperling

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT pages 80, 85-86

Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Transitions to Financial Investor and Competitive Body-Builder


Kevin joined the Navy after growing up in Texas with his single Mom and sister. He learned how to manage money, becoming a financial strategist and then started his own business upon retiring from the service. He opened a boutique gym and started competitive body building.


Paul Trinidad

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT Pages 46 – 47,  242, 244

Hard Working, Earnest Professional Catapults from the Retail Sector to Distinction in Groundbreaking IT Operations for a Major University


Paul transcends his personal motto of  “What can I do better today than yesterday?” to his professional life.  By leveraging his interests, natural abilities and quest to always be better than the day before, Paul is now thriving in his chosen NEXT. 


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