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Don’t Re-invent, ReCalibrate.


When facing change in your professional life—whether it’s an unexpected change or one you anticipate is looming just around the corner—using the ReCalibration Principles will help you launch yourself into that next position (or even your retirement) more quickly and efectively.

A staggering 70 percent of Americans don’t feel that their work is engaging. An even higher percentage reflect that they are not maximizing their full potential. By making a few strategic adjustments in our professional lives we can beat the odds and be assured that we will be thriving in our NEXT professional iteration.

ReCalibrating to Your NEXT is the navigational guide that zeros-in on the critical principles and techniques for putting the ReCalibration process to work. This is a must read if you are:

Confronted with an unexpected change affecting your livelihood; catapult yourself into effective action without missteps.

Being asked to take a promotion you didn’t see coming; clearly evaluate your circumstances while being cognizant of blind spots and organizational politics.

Realizing your current job is not the one you want; choose the best options that are available to you, even ones you might not have originally thought of.

Dealing with an out-of-control boss; properly align your personal and professional beliefs, identifying your “true-north” that will guide you along your optimal path.

You are ready to be promoted, yet no one else seems to share your opinion; ensure your ability to thrive by releasing old patterns, and adopting a thriving mindset and core habits.

Unsure if you want to be around for yet another merger; effectively recognize the type of change or opportunity you are being faced with and empower yourself to act upon it.

Ready to start that business that you’ve always been thinking about; be determined, willing, resilient, and effective in the face of opportunity.  


The “ReCalibrating to Your NEXT” book!

Just released is the pivotal book ReCalibrating to Your NEXT, outlining the six ReCalibration Principles which enable professionals to tap into their core strengths so they can utilize what they already do best in order to quickly recalibrate themselves into their next professional opportunity.

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The “ReCalibrating to Your NEXT” workbook, provides detailed step-by-step instruction to be used so that your NEXT becomes a reality.   The 26 areas covered in the book, are further broken down into tactical action steps, providing direction and specific techniques to be put into practice easily.

To Be Released December 2019


The “ReCalibration to Your NEXT” Online Assessments

Find Out How Effective You are When 

A. Dealing with Change 

B. Being Ready for a Job Search

C.  Having a Thriving Mindset

To Be Released October 2019


Online Coaching provides confidential, one-on-one, interactive sessions with one of our executive coaches. This service allows personalized attention by a chosen business professional experienced in your area of ReCalibration. Customized packages begin with three 30-minute sessions expanding to a 90-day package of weekly 30-minute calls.

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Online Subscriptions makes available: The “ReCalibrating to Your NEXT” workbook,  The “ReCalibration to Your NEXT” online assessment, ReCalibrating Today downloadable, fully-customizable PowerPoints and Infographics, “ReCalibrate Today” monthly newsletter, written by the editor of ReCalibrate Today, ReCalibrating to Your NEXT twice-a-week emails providing encouraging and informational insight as you transition to your thriving NEXT, Webinars, Discounts on workshops and Partner materials and services.

Available for Corporate Clients and Individuals October 2019